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Frequently Asked Questions

​What insurances do you accept?

​We accept a variety of insurance plans, some plans cover chiropractic services as well as massage therapy. We would be more than happy to research what chiropractic services are available to you and what your out of pocket expenses would be, prior to incurring charges.

​How many visits does a typical patient require?

​Every patient is different and treatments will vary depending on severity, age, history, and a number of other factors. 

​Regarding K Laser treatments, how many visits are typically required?

Patients may experience extreme relief very quickly, however it is important to follow through with the recommended number of visits. Every patient varies, most acute conditions respond within 6-8 visits and chronic conditions require 8-12.

How much is a cash office visit?

A typical visit is $40 which includes chiropractic examination and treatment.

For any additional questions please call (516) 826-2225

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